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Brewery - Door County Brewing Company

Brewery - Door County Brewing Company

Drink in the Local


Door County Brewing Co. is a family owned craft brewery established in 2012 by John, Angie, Danny and Ben McMahon in Baileys Harbor, WI on the Door Peninsula. We value family, friendships and community above all else and create one-of-a-kind craft beers to bring these all together. We source as many ingredients as possible from Door County and Wisconsin to produce beers based on local resources, local influences and our local heritage.

The root of our brand is the authentic story of a small community who cares about the passion, hard work and significance of every day. You see it and feel it in all that we do. We’re eager to share our vision with you and bring more people together.

We focus on Belgian, French and American influenced styles because that’s what we like to drink, and that’s what keeps us passionate.

So welcome. We are glad you came and hope that you enjoy our community of friends, family and beers. Now let’s have some fun!

Our approach

Our Baileys Harbor brewery is a 7 barrel, 2-vessel system built by Quality Tank Solutions in Oconomowoc, WI. It is located in the stone basement of our 100-year-old building. Many of our beers are open fermented in the traditional style, creating terroir that is unique to our brewery.


Our town

On the Lake Michigan shore with a population of about 1000, Baileys Harbor is truly a place where everyone knows your name—and then some. We like cool breezes, water sports and parades with a drumming rabbit who thinks he’s a chicken. And beer. Lots of beer.


The Walloons

Southern Door County has the country's largest Belgian-American settlement and may be the only place in the U.S. where Walloon is still spoken. This is the reason Belgian beer and tradition matter so much to us.


The land

A hearty people know how to work a hearty land. We are constantly inspired by our beautiful home and look to it for as many sustainably grown ingredients for our beers as possible.


The family

We are a family-run company. For real. And we couldn’t be happier about it. You know what they say, the family that brews together, stays together. At least that's what they should say.


Meet the Family

John McMahon

CEO/Founder John likes all things good: friends, times, food, music, beer. With this family and community, what more could you want?

Favorite Beer: Pastoral made with local barley

Angie McMahon

General Manager/Founder Angie is a vintage-loving, Zumba-dancing wedding stylist turned boss lady. She does it all, mostly while daydreaming about baby goats.

Favorite Beer: Le printemps

Danny McMahon

Head Brewer/Founder Danny draws his inspiration for unique flavors and ingredients from his love of traditional farmhouse breweries and angst-filled new wave music.

Favorite Beer: Grisette

Ben McMahon

Tap Room Manager/Founder Ben would rather be fishing, hiking, roadtripping or jamming on the banjo with friendly strangers around a fire.

Favorite Beer: Big Sister

Kyle Gregorash

Assistant Head Brewer Kyle started homebrewing with his dad when he was eight years old and has now made his hobby his life.

Favorite Beer: Anything brand new

Peter Kerwin

The only beardless male member of our full-time staff, CFO Peter is not afraid to try new things and may someday surprise everyone.

Favorite Beer: Little Sister

Allyce Mohs

Logistics and Supply Chain Manager Allyce prefers drinking beer to counting beer barrels, but sometimes you have to work a little to ball a lot.

Favorite Beer: Pete

Alicia Daubner

Marketing Director Alicia once had tons of hobbies, but between work, planning her wedding and raising two awesome kids, she can't remember what they were.

Favorite Beer: All the hoppy small batches